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With over 10 years of experience in the medical supply and medical laundry industry, Mediserv Global is the UAE’s #1 medical services company. With our market leading operational expertise and excellent client relationships, we are providing our clients with the latest in medical equipment and supplies, along with the best in class medical grade laundry service.

As a result, we are the first choice for the biggest hospital brands in the UAE, such as, Medcare, NMC, Emirates Hospital, Mediclinic and many more.

Quality Medical Products

Our medical products are some of the most innovative products in the market, that not only adhere to stringent hygienic standards but can also save you money.

Because of our longstanding relationships with some of our clients, we know the demands of quality medical supplies such as equipment and consumables such as uniforms, linens, PPE and sanitisers. Also as result of our unique supply chain, we are able to provide such items at extremely competitive prices, whilst not compromising on quality.

Best in Class Medical Laundry

Our Medical laundry is approved by the DHA, SEHA and MOPA so we can guarantee that all your linens and uniforms are processed according to the highest standards and infection controls.

Not only do we ensure that all hospital laundry is processed according to those standards, but we also work to ensure that we’re optimising the life cycle of the linen, often increasing their lifetime by 30% due to optimising our washing process.

We are a 24/7, 365 day a year operation, so our clients are never in short supply of their linens and uniforms.

We are also proud to be the UAE’s first linen & uniform leasing company. As a result of our combined experience in laundering and procurement linen and uniforms to our clients, the natural next step was to provide a ‘turn-key’ solution whereby we can remove ALL the headache of procuring and managing hospital linen and uniforms. Instead clients entrust us to procure as per their specification, store and launder linen and uniforms, whilst at the same time, save money and manpower to manage it all.

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